UPCOMING Events and UPDATES from Past Events


Thank you to all who prayed and gave support for us to be able to attend the awesome movements of God in Washington DC on October 6-10th. Michelle, my ministry partner, and I were very honored to be a part of these historical events that took place in our nation's capitol:

- "Awaken The Dawn" - 50 tents representing all 50 states and one for Israel, praise, worship and prayer 24 hours a day for 3 days! Beautiful site to see on the National Mall, which was actually taking place during the Feast Of Tabernacles.

- "United Cry DC17" - Second annual gathering of pastors and ministry leaders of our nation to seek God in prayer to take back our nation for Christ.
-"The Justice Foundation Outpost Gathering" - Incredible gathering of Operation Outcry members and other intercessors, about 50 faithful believers who met at TJF Outpost in DC, then walked across the street to pray at the United States Supreme Court.
- "Rise Up TheCall" - Lou Engle calling all women to rise up as Deborah's and Esther's to take back our nation for Jesus Christ!
- "The Moral Outcry" - Presented at each event daily from the main stages and a large tent, the petition for all to sign to end abortion in America! The first 58,000 signatures on these stacks of petitions (http://themoraloutcry.com) were presented to the United States Supreme Court by Allan Parker on Friday Oct.6th, the very first day of all these above events. Please pray that the Justices on the high court read them and act by overturning their own decisions that legalized abortion in America.



On April 12, 2017, we had the honor of joining the Abortion Hurts God Heals (http://www.abortionhurtsgodheals.com) team, a ministry of The Justice Foundation (http://thejusticefoundation.org). Our team of women spoke to the students of Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas.  

Our first speaking event was outdoors at the Academic Plaza, sharing our stories, one at a time of how abortion has affected our lives and also shared the Gospel and love and heart healing of our Savior Jesus Christ. All of our speaking videos are available on the Abortion Hurts God Heals Facebook page.


Our second speaking event was our panel event held in the Memorial Student Center, hosted by ProLife Aggies. Here is a video of me sharing a poem titled 'At the Foot of the Cross' written by Amy Springer.


Myself and Michelle Walker were in San Antonio, Texas, for the video filming of my story for Abortion Hurts God Heals, a ministry of The Justice Foundation.


"Connecting the Dots" segment of Abortion Hurts God Heals radio show on AM 630 KSLR in San Antonio on 9-25-16.

Click here to listen on SoundCloud


The Justice Foundation Gala on April 30th, the National Day of Repentance for America, was outstanding and very anointed, as usual. God's Presence is always so beautiful at our annual Gala. I say "our" because Michelle and I are members of Operation Outcry, which is a ministry of The Justice Foundation. They took us in just like their own family, which is so precious, more than words can say. All of the speakers, like Operation Outcry Global Leader Cindy Collins and our own Texas State Representative Molly White, and the worship were incredible! Special thanks to President and First Lady Allan and Susan Parker for honoring all of the members of Operation Outcry and a special congratulations to our surprise key note speaker and Defender Of Life Award winner, Kristan Hawkins, President of Students For Life Of America. Kristan is an awesome woman of God, who we had the honor of working with at her rally in front of the US Supreme Court on the day of the Texas HB2 hearing, where Myra Myers and I had the honor of speaking at her podium. God is so good! We also had an honorary guest by way of video screen of our precious Clayton Trotter from Alaska, also legal counsel and clergy for The Justice Foundation. Tracy Reynolds, our media professional, spoke about CAFA (Center Against Forced Abortions) and we also had another surprise guest speaker Texas Senator Donna Campbell delivering a very motivating speech for all of us in attendance. Our precious Allan Parker, the President of TJF, called us to a special time of repentance and intercession for our nation in the prayer room after the event, which was incredible, to say the least. Thank you to all who made this event possible, including the staff of TJF, Queta and Marisol Aguilar, and TJF board members and host committee for this historical event, the dinner was absolutely delicious! Some also in attendance were the leaders of "Abortion Hurts God Heals," a ministry of The Justice Foundation, Pastor and Author Andrea Sosebee, SFLA Southwest Regional Coordinator Katie Martin, Nicole Hudgens of Texas Values and many precious intercessors, including Saundra & Reuben Fechner & Brianna Pradia.




Operation Outcry speaking at United Cry DC16 on 4-9-16 at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.


Slide show from United Cry DC16 ministry trip for Operation Outcry 4-7-16 through 4-11-16.


The Justice Foundation (in partnership with FRC and Texas Values) Press Conference for Texas HB2 that took place at Family Research Council in Washington, DC on 3-1-16. 

This video is Nona Ellington's (Operation Outcry) portion of the press conference. 


Praise Jesus for the honor of being able to testify at our Texas State Capitol yesterday in support of Rep. Molly White's bill to prevent forced and coerced abortion, HB 1648. I shared my personal testimony of being coerced into abortion and how abortion hurt me before the House State Affairs Committee watch here (Molly's bill begins at the marker: 1:43:35, My testimony begins at the marker: 2:05:55):


The chairman and several members of the Committee seemed very supportive of this bill. Rep. Molly White did an outstanding job presenting her bill and even shared her own personal testimony of how she was coerced into abortion as well. There were many witnesses present testifying for her bill and only 2 in opposition. This bill was heard last and had the attention of everyone in the room since there were more witnesses present than any other bill heard the whole day. Afterwards, I had the honor of being interviewed by the Texas Right To Life media team. God is so good! Please pray for safe passage of HB 1648

The picture on the right is a still frame of me (in red) speaking before the committee.


Thank you for all of your prayers, blessings and provision for us to be a part of A Line in the Sand Israel 2015! Michelle Walker, Myra Myers and I traveled together for this dream come true pilgrimage to our precious Holy Lands. These are a few of the highlights from our trip: 

We began with our first night in gorgeous TelAviv, Israel staying on the Mediterranean Sea, more beautiful than I ever imagined. The next day we traveled to Tiberius to stay on the Sea of Galilee. Everywhere we traveled we saw signs and campaigns for the Israeli elections. We were all in fervent prayer for Prime Minister Netanyahu to win the election and Praise Jesus he did. We met with the rest of our tour group of 25 at our welcome dinner above the Galilee area. Awesome time in worship and fellowship with the Hyde family in Israel.


Our first day on the tour included worship and prayer on the Jesus boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus and Peter walked on water. Michelle, Myra and I and many others were also baptized in the Jordan River (I'm in the first picture, Michelle is in the second), where Jesus was also baptized. Words cannot describe the peace and glorious presence of the Lord we experienced on that day and every day on our journey.

We then traveled up to Jerusalem, the city of peace. We spent 4 days there in our precious Jerusalem. Our many adventures included the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount and Institute, City of David, location of David killing Goliath, Golgotha (where Jesus was crucified), the Garden Tomb (where Jesus was buried and resurrected), where we also had a Communion service. So many other adventures would take up a whole book to share with you.

Our Solemn Assembly was an awesome day of fasting, prayer and repentance, where we also were able to have a prayer meeting in the center of Jerusalem during the solar eclipse. Very anointed time with the Lord, where I had the honor of praying Psalm 122 over us and Jerusalem.


On the day of our departure, the Lord gave me the honor to pray for one of our lady tour members to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit (right in our hotel lobby), which she received with great joy. What an honor to be baptized in the Spirit in Jerusalem! None of this would have been possible without your love and support. You are all so loved, appreciated and in our prayers always.


I am very excited to announce that myself and my ministry partner Michelle Walker (http://www.answerfortheailing.com)  have been invited to go to Israel with The Justice Foundation/Operation Outcry (http://www.operationoutcry.org) to participate in a Joel 2 Solemn Assembly in Jerusalem in March 2015 for a 9 day trip. We will be participating in repentance for the sin of abortion in Israel, America and the world and praying for an end to abortion. We will also be praying for and blessing Israel. Unique about this trip is its connection to the four Blood Red Moons and the solar eclipse (the sun will be darkened) that should be visible that day from Jerusalem. "The sun will become dark, and the moon will turn blood red before that great and terrible day of the Lord arrives." Joel 2:31 Go here for further details: http://www.alineinthesandisrael2015.com

We need your prayer support and financial support for this mission trip. The financial needs (being handled by the travel agency) are approximately $4,998 ($2,499 each), not including some meals and spending money, at this point in planning. Please pray about sponsoring me and my ministry partner Michelle Walker, as we are obedient in taking each step for this journey. Thank you so much and God bless you!

If you would like to make a donation to this event, please visit my Make a Donation page here on this website ... http://www.eaglesrestoration.com/Pages/MakeaDonation.aspx.