Press Statement - Nona Ellington


I want America and the world to know the truth.

Abortion devastated my life and those around me.

I was date raped when I was 15. I became pregnant and had an abortion.

My abortion destroyed any chance of me having children.
To become infertile at such a young age is tormenting to experience.
I never believed or imagined that such a common practice of abortion would ruin the lives on this earth of my future children.

My body, spirit and soul suffered 5 miscarriages, 3 of them tubal pregnancies which resulted in

emergency surgeries and near death experiences. I battled breast cancer in 2014 (research has proven that abortion causes breast cancer).

I was told at Planned Parenthood (what an inaccurate name), that my baby was a blob of tissue.

They also suggested abortion, since I was so young and still in school.

I trusted them because they were nice enough to give me a free pregnancy test and free birth control pills (at another visit).

Abortion hurts women and kills our future generations literally.

For over 30 years, I have regretted my choice of abortion.
I never became a parent as a result of the abortion.
I have suffered excruciating physical and emotional pain also as a result.

My experience is the same as millions of other women and their families.

Why do you think the fertility industry has boomed in America in the last decade?

It is because the abortion industry causes a woman to become infertile, in most cases,

therefore they seek other ways of becoming pregnant, as I did.

There are alternatives to abortion and help if hurt by abortion.

Options include adoption or a family member raising the child. CallThe OptionLineat 1-800-712-HELP.
Hurt by abortion? There is hope and healing after abortion. Call The National Helpline for Abortion Recoveryat 1-866-482-LIFE.

Nona Ellington
Member of Operation Outcry